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What to do when you are deep in the middle of Kate Middleton territory on the King’s Road in Chelsea? Dine like our Duchess Kate of course!

While I was in London, I checked out 2 restaurants where Kate Middleton and Prince William have frequented over the years: Tom’s Kitchen and Bluebird Restaurant. While not cheap, yet not overly expensive, these two restaurants are a must do for anyone looking to get a feel for Kate Middleton’s dining experiences…and a feel for the Chelsea neighbourhood!


Tom's Kitchen, 27 Cale St., Chelsea

It is no wonder Will & Kate love eating at this restaurant. The environment is very relaxed and informal and the food is more than just delicious. It’s magical! I came here for dinner one night and was so incredibly impressed with the food that I came back for dinner again the next night!

Inside Tom's Kitchen

Endive Salad/Casserole of Pheasant/Sticky Toffee Pudding (Tom's Kitchen)

The first night I treated myself to the endive salad, the casserole of pheasant (to die for!), and the most delicious sticky toffee pudding I have ever had in my life! I highly recommend the casserole of pheasant…the flavouring was absolutely delightful and I remembered it long after I had left the place. I’d also recommend treating yourself to the sticky toffee pudding…apparently it’s Kate Middleton’s favorite dessert here!

While I did two dinners here (I had the burger the second night), I was warned by my server that doing a brunch at Tom’s Kitchen is a must for anyone in London! Seeing how the restaurant was named “best place to have breakfast in London” by Time Out London in 2008, I wasn’t surprised!

Will & Kate leaving Tom's Kitchen in 2009 (Photo via bauergriffinonline.com)

Tom’s Kitchen isn’t just a favorite of Will & Kate’s (they were photographed leaving Tom’s Kitchen in March 2009), but my boyfriend was told by the bartender that Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, is a regular and was spotted here about a week ago!

Click on the map for more details...

The restaurant is located close to tube station Sloane Square and is just off of King’s Road (It’s also right across the street from the Australian based Collette Dinnigan boutique. Kate has worn Collette Dinnigan several times including a red lace dress to a friend’s wedding back in September and a cream coloured french lace dress to Zara Phillips’ wedding).

Check out this video from Getaway which has some video of Tom’s Kitchen and info on what Will & Kate like to eat there!


I went to Bluebird Restaurant for dinner and really enjoyed the atmosphere, the service, and the food! This place fills up really quickly just by local people making reservations, so if you are visiting London and want to give Bluebird a try, I suggest picking a date and time a few days in advance and making reservations online or via the telephone.

Bluebird Restaurant (350 King's Road, Chelsea)

Inside Bluebird Restaurant (photo via crazycowevents.co.uk)

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is very chic and upscale. You can really get a feel for what it’s like to be part of the upper class here…looking around I could see all the different types of people you would expect to see in a neighbourhood like Chelsea…a group of young well-to-do girls meeting their fellow classmates from boarding school for dinner; as well as older middle-aged women who look like they own the entire collection of Crown Jewels!

I’m pretty sure there must have been 1 or 2 famous people there the Saturday evening I was there. Although it’s not like I would have been able to pick anyone out, as the environment of the restaurant is one which favours privacy. For one, it is extremely dark in there (as you can see by how dark the photos of my food turned out) and secondly, there are many tables arranged in a way that shields guests from the sight of other (nosy) guests.

Pear & Roquefort Salad/Slow Roast Glazed Duck/ Chocolate Dessert

Don’t get me wrong, the service and food was excellent! I had a delicious pear and roquefort salad, slow roast glazed duck and a yummy chocolate dessert! The food was really good….but not as good as Tom’s Kitchen (my mouth still waters every time I think about that casserole of pheasant!)

Kate Middleton leaving Bluebird Restaurant (photo via cotilleando.com)

The Middleton family is a huge fan of Bluebird, as Kate, Carole, and Pippa have all been pictured there on a number of occasions. Pictured above is Kate Middleton leaving the Bluebird Restaurant in 2007 after having dinner with Prince William, her sister Pippa Middleton, and Pippa’s boyfriend. Pippa was also seen celebrating a friend’s engagement at Bluebird back in October 2011…apparently running through the corridors and giggling like a little school girl (according to the Daily Mail). Finally, the Middleton ladies have also been pictured together enjoying lunch at Bluebird. Click here to see a photo of Kate, Pippa, and Carole having lunch on the patio at Bluebird a few years ago.

Click on the map for more details...

Bluebird restaurant is located at 350 King’s Road. It’s probably about a 20-25 minute walk down King’s Road from Sloane Square tube station or you can hop on any bus along King’s Road (such as the # 19 or #22). In addition to the restaurant, there is also a bluebird cafĂ©, patio, bakery and store!

I’ve drawn up a few maps for you…so click on them and you will get a more detailed view of the area!

Ashlin, xoxo

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