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Remember Kate Middleton’s gorgeous Art Deco earrings she wore with that Jenny Packham gown to a dinner at St. James Palace in aid of the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal?

Kate wearing her Art Deco Earrings from Beaut Jewellery (photo via

Being a fan of these unique Art Deco earrings, I decided to pay a little visit to the shop from which Kate’s earrings originated: Beaut at Grays Antique Markets.

Grays Antique Markets

First of all I must say that Grays Antique Markets is worth a visit in itself. A few steps from the Bond Street Tube Station, it is home to one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of fine antiques, jewellery, and vintage fashion. So many unique and beautiful items to be found here!

A small concession shop inside Grays Antique Markets, Beaut was founded by two lovely ladies, Virginia and Fran, in 2006 when two partners joined forces to produce jewellery for those beautiful occasions in everyone’s life. They specialize in bridal and vintage style jewellery and now have a small concession shop in Grays Antique Markets near Bond Street Tube Station. They have also been supplying jewellery to Jenny Packham’s bridal line for a few years now.

This connection with Jenny Packham is of course how their “Eva” (Art Deco) earrings ended up on the earlobes of Kate Middleton. According to the ladies at Beaut,

“Our link with the Duchess of Cambridge is via Jenny Packham. Jenny Packham has a beautiful bridal range and Beaut has, along with other designer jewellery brands, supplied jewellery for their wedding range for a few years now. The earrings worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on this occasion were selected by Jenny Packham as a choice to compliment the dress.”

"Eva" (Art Deco) Earrings by Beaut

Kate’s Art Deco earrings are described as being “9ct gold hoops and sterling silver earrings set with paste stones.” They are also handmade in London and retail for £195 British Pounds (Approx $306 USD). If you want to grab a pair for yourself, you can place your order via the Beaut website.

For anyone who finds himself/herself in London and loves jewellery, I highly recommend making the Beaut concession shop at Grays Antique Markets a must-see on your list of things to do. They have an absolute gorgeous (albeit small) selection of antique and vintage pieces…every single piece is so incredibly unique. Since visiting the shop I’ve re-kindled my love for antique and vintage jewellery. I think they make for great conversation pieces, add some personality to your outfit, and you carry around a bit of history when you where them! I love having a bit of history behind everything I own!

So if you’re in London, pay a visit to Beaut inside Gray’s Antique Market. Or visit their website to take a look at their full range of vintage copies they sell. Beautiful stuff! I hope they consider adding more to their collection!

Ashlin, xoxo

P.S. Does anyone think that while Kate Middleton doesn’t have a personal stylist, she is highly influenced by the designers who she chooses to have dresses especially made for her? i.e. Kate trusts the “style” and “fashion” opinions of the designer in terms of jewellery, etc that will compliment the dress that has been made for her? Kate could have chosen her own earrings to go with her Jenny Packham gown (she has so many at her disposal), but ultimately went with a pair that is carried by Jenny Packham.

Just some food for thought!


  1. I got no more chance. My crush is ctemiotmd. :( (lol)Kate Middleton is simple but beautiful. I am glad Prince William found the real love of his life. For people like their status that has everything. I believed love and compatibility is very important. Wishing them both ALL the BEST!

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