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I’ve had an inkling of a feeling for a very long time that this blazer worn by Kate Middleton was Ralph Lauren and not Katherine Hooker. This jacket has been reported by a number of other Kate Middleton fashion/style blogs as being Katherine Hooker….

Kate Middleton post-engagement (photo via coolspotters.com)

Kate Middleton leaving Peter Jones in March 2011 (photo via www.dailymail.co.uk)

Where did this inkling of a feeling stem from you ask? Well…it all started when I stumbled upon this Ralph Lauren blazer on sale for a steal of a deal at the Hudson Bay Company:

Ralph Lauren Laduree Hacking Jacket

I noticed several similarities between this Ralph Lauren Laduree Hacking Jacket and the one Kate Middleton is pictured wearing. Here are the important details on Kate’s jacket:

Here, we can see there are 4 small buttons on the sleeve of Kate’s jacket.

And here we can see the detail of 3 thin vertical lines in the fabric on each side of Kate Middleton’s jacket.

Now here are the pics of my Ralph Lauren blazer that have the same details….

4 small buttons on the sleeve here.

And 3 small thin vertical lines in the fabric.

I’m not saying this jacket is the same as Kate’s jacket because obviously it is not. My Ralph Lauren jacket has 2 pockets on the left side where Kate’s simply has 1 pocket on each side.

However, the style and detail of the jacket are very very similar. Plus, Pippa Middleton has worn the same style Ralph Lauren jacket as mine several months back. As you can see, Pippa’s jacket has the second pocket on the left side.

And we know how much Kate and Pippa share similar tastes in clothing!

Either way….my opinion doesn’t really matter at this point because…well…Ralph Lauren has confirmed Kate’s jacket is indeed Ralph Lauren! My friend called them up a while back and they said Kate’s jacket was from a Ralph Lauren collection several years ago. I must admit…I’ve known about this for about 2 months now but I just haven’t had the time to throw a post together about it (sorry!).

This jacket is from Ralph Lauren’s current collection and you can see the style, cut, and detail (essentially everything except the colour) looks exactly the same as Kate’s jacket:

I love my Ralph Lauren Hacking jacket…which I must add I bought at the Hudson Bay Company for $80 CND (regular $300). The Bay has some similar ones on sale right now. Click here to check them out. Or you can go to the Ralph Lauren website and check out their entire selection of jackets.

Have fun!

Ashlin, xoxo

"Eva" (Art Deco) Earrings by Beaut

Remember Kate Middleton’s gorgeous Art Deco earrings she wore with that Jenny Packham gown to a dinner at St. James Palace in aid of the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal?

Kate wearing her Art Deco Earrings from Beaut Jewellery (photo via zimbio.com)

Being a fan of these unique Art Deco earrings, I decided to pay a little visit to the shop from which Kate’s earrings originated: Beaut at Grays Antique Markets.

Grays Antique Markets

First of all I must say that Grays Antique Markets is worth a visit in itself. A few steps from the Bond Street Tube Station, it is home to one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of fine antiques, jewellery, and vintage fashion. So many unique and beautiful items to be found here!

A small concession shop inside Grays Antique Markets, Beaut was founded by two lovely ladies, Virginia and Fran, in 2006 when two partners joined forces to produce jewellery for those beautiful occasions in everyone’s life. They specialize in bridal and vintage style jewellery and now have a small concession shop in Grays Antique Markets near Bond Street Tube Station. They have also been supplying jewellery to Jenny Packham’s bridal line for a few years now.

This connection with Jenny Packham is of course how their “Eva” (Art Deco) earrings ended up on the earlobes of Kate Middleton. According to the ladies at Beaut,

“Our link with the Duchess of Cambridge is via Jenny Packham. Jenny Packham has a beautiful bridal range and Beaut has, along with other designer jewellery brands, supplied jewellery for their wedding range for a few years now. The earrings worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on this occasion were selected by Jenny Packham as a choice to compliment the dress.”

"Eva" (Art Deco) Earrings by Beaut

Kate’s Art Deco earrings are described as being “9ct gold hoops and sterling silver earrings set with paste stones.” They are also handmade in London and retail for £195 British Pounds (Approx $306 USD). If you want to grab a pair for yourself, you can place your order via the Beaut website.

For anyone who finds himself/herself in London and loves jewellery, I highly recommend making the Beaut concession shop at Grays Antique Markets a must-see on your list of things to do. They have an absolute gorgeous (albeit small) selection of antique and vintage pieces…every single piece is so incredibly unique. Since visiting the shop I’ve re-kindled my love for antique and vintage jewellery. I think they make for great conversation pieces, add some personality to your outfit, and you carry around a bit of history when you where them! I love having a bit of history behind everything I own!

So if you’re in London, pay a visit to Beaut inside Gray’s Antique Market. Or visit their website to take a look at their full range of vintage copies they sell. Beautiful stuff! I hope they consider adding more to their collection!

Ashlin, xoxo

P.S. Does anyone think that while Kate Middleton doesn’t have a personal stylist, she is highly influenced by the designers who she chooses to have dresses especially made for her? i.e. Kate trusts the “style” and “fashion” opinions of the designer in terms of jewellery, etc that will compliment the dress that has been made for her? Kate could have chosen her own earrings to go with her Jenny Packham gown (she has so many at her disposal), but ultimately went with a pair that is carried by Jenny Packham.

Just some food for thought!


Congrats to Violet Wilcox from the GetWhatKateWore facebook community who correctly guessed the label behind Kate’s new dress: ALICE + OLIVIA. According to the sales ladies at Austique on King’s Road, Kate was in to pick up 3 lovely items, one of them being this gorgeous Eden Embellished Blouson Dress by Alice + Olivia:

Eden Embellished Dress by Alice + Olivia (photo via www.aliceandolivia.com)

The dress is described on the Austique website as follows:

“Very delivate silver sleeveless, metallic crochet dress. Scoop neck with gathered
elasticated waist, fringed hem, single-button keyhole at the back”

As I first reported on my GetWhatKateWore facebook page, when I was in London last week I stopped by one (of many) boutiques frequented by Kate Middleton. After looking through the racks, I started up a casual conversation with one of the sales associates who was in the process of marking some dresses down to 70% off the original price. I told her that they had some really beautiful and unique things in the boutique and that I had heard a lot about the store because it has been widely reported that Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton shop here.

After looking at a few dresses, I saw a gorgeous dress hanging on the other side of the room and said to the sales woman “boy is that a gorgeous dress.” She said “isn’t it lovely” and then told me that this specific dress was actually the dress Kate Middleton bought. To make sure we were talking about the same dress, I pointed to a dress hanging behind it and said “this one” and she said no and pointed to the one I had been referring to all along.

The sales woman told me that Kate Middleton had picked up the dress in November (2011) and noted how the dress was very much in Kate’s style and that it was interesting because the design of the dress wasn’t something that we usually see from the label behind the dress (Alice + Olivia).

But then….

A few days after I returned home from London, my boyfriend was sent to London for work. I asked him to stop by Austique to buy the dress for me (I had been on the fence about it when I was there and decided not to buy it in the spur of the moment when I was in the shop) and confirm the information I was given. He spoke to two different sales ladies who both confirmed that Kate Middleton had the dress. However, while I had been told Kate purchased the dress, the superior of the store corrected my boyfriend and said that the dress had been a gift to Kate Middleton from the designer, Stacey Bendet, of Alice + Olivia. This sale woman said that Kate Middleton had come into Austique to try the dress on and then left with it and some other items.

I think the style of the Eden Embellished Blouson Dress is very Kate. It is something she would most definitely wear and she would look amazing in it. It has such an amazing vintage look to it and the detail in the fabric is something she loves! Here is a closer look at the the fabric:

Eden Embellished Blouson Dress by Alice + Olivia

The dress retails for $597.00 USD but has been marked down on several sites to $358. USD. Austique seems to have 1 available on their website for 70% off: It has been marked down to £133.75 British pounds from £445.83 British pounds (approx $206 USD from $691 USD).

Other members of the Royal Family of course are no strangers to Alice + Olivia. Not long ago, Zara Phillips was pictured wearing the Bree Tie-Dye Dress by Alice + Olivia at her Pre-Wedding Cocktail party aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. What’s interesting is that Austique features this photo below of Zara & this dress together in it’s online blog…Maybe Zara shops at Austique too?

Photo via www.austique.co.uk/blog/

I don’t know about you guys, but the possibility that Kate Middleton accepted the dress as a gift from the designer behind Alice + Olivia opens up a whole new can of worms for me. Didn’t Kate Middleton put her foot down on this whole accepting clothes as gifts from designers thing? Don’t we love her because she refuses to wear what designers throw at her for free and simply chooses to shop on her own and pick out her own dresses to wear? Don’t get me wrong here…we don’t know the entire story…perhaps the sales woman was wrong (I hope she was!)… but I’m just repeating what the sales woman at Austique said to my boyfriend…namely that the Eden Embellished Blouson Dress by Alice + Olivia was a gift from the designer to Kate Middleton and that Kate had come into the store to try it on and left with it. I’d like to think Kate’s kept strong to her policy on accepting gifts!

Let’s take a look at the other 2 items Kate Middleton left Austique with:

Cream/Navy Long Poppy Dress by Libelula

Long Poppy Dress by Libelula (photo via www.libelula-studio.com)

According to the sales woman, Kate Middleton purchased this dress but had it lengthened by the designer. The dress was sent back to Libelula so it could be lengthened for Kate. Currently the dress retails for £810 British Pounds (approx $1250.00 USD) and is available on the Libelula website. It is not longer available at Austique.

Casual Stripe Dress by Austique

Kate Middleton recently purchased this Casual Stripe Dress at Austique (photo via www.austique.co.uk)

According to the ladies at Austique, Kate Middleton also purchased this casual stripe dress made by Austique. The dress is 100% cashmere and currently retails for £157.17 British Pounds (approx $244.00 USD). It is available on the Austique website here.

So there you have it my friends…the latest scoop on what Kate Middleton has in her wardrobe from Austique. I think many of us know that both Kate Middleton & her sister Pippa are regulars at Austique, given that the Middleton flat is in the area of Chelsea. Both Kate & Pippa Middleton are also big fans of Goldsign jeans and have purchased several pairs from Austique. I would recommend that anyone who loves style & fashion and who likes to find unique things in small boutiques to check out Austique. They have some really nice stuff.

Finally, I want everyone to know that I am sharing this experience with you guys because this is what happened to me and my boyfriend. This is not a third party account of something that was said to happen to a random person…this is what was told to me and this is what was told to my boyfriend by two women who worked at the store. This is our experience and it is up to every individual person out there to make up their own mind as to what happened based on the various information out there. I am in no way claiming that what was said to my boyfriend by the sales associate (regarding Kate accepting the dress as a gift) is true nor am I claiming that it is a confirmed fact. Perhaps the sales woman was wrong and wasn’t aware of what exactly happened with Kate and the dress. I don’t know. All I know is what was said to me, what was said to my boyfriend.

UPDATE: According to an email I received from Austique today, Kate bought the Eden Embellished Blouson Dress by Alice + Olivia and according to her, “Kate does not accept gifts.” This is their official position on the situation with the dress.

I, however, stand firm on relating to you what was said by the sales lady in Austique to my boyfriend. Whether what was said to my boyfriend by the sales lady is or is not true, no one can be sure here. All I am here to do is to relate to you my experiences regarding Kate as I travel the world and the information that was given to me and my boyfriend.

Now all you Kate Fashion Fanatics…what do you think of Kate’s latest additions?

Ashlin, xoxo


After much debate, I can finally confirm that Kate’s tall black suede boots that we all know and love are the “Charge It” boots by Russell & Bromley, not the “Cookie” boots by Aquatalia

The mystery as to who exactly designed Kate’s beautiful black suede boots with the short heel unraveled the other day when photos of Pippa wearing the same boots as Kate surfaced:

Pippa on her way to work, Dec 10 2011 (photo via celebrity-gossip.net)

Pippa on her way to work, Dec 10 2011 (photo via celebrity-gossip.net)

It was this last picture of Pippa from behind which set off alarm bells in my head. I had seen the exact stripe detail on Kate’s tall black boots when I was standing behind her in line at Topshop in September (click here to read the story of my encounter). I have noted several times on the Get What Kate Wore facebook page that Kate’s tall black boots had stripe detail going up the back of the boot. Because people have said that the “Cookie” boot by Aquatalia also had a stripe going up the back, I just assumed Kate’s boots were the “Cookie” boot by Aquatalia.

That was…of course…until a few days ago when I saw this photo of Pippa’s boots from behind. The stripe detail here is exactly the same on Kate’s boots. I remember telling myself after I realized I was standing right behind the great Kate Middleton to take a mental note of every detail in her outfit. So I took a mental note of this stripe detail on her boots as well as the fact that her boots had a short square heel.

Here is one of the few pics there is of Kate wearing the “Charge it” boots from Russell & Bromley. This photo was taken about 1 week after I saw her in Topshop wearing them:

Kate leaving her salon in Sept, 2011 (photo via coolspotters.com)

There is also this photo of Kate leaving a Zara store on King’s Road several weeks ago wearing what appears to be the same “Charge It” boots in black suede. Kate seems to opt for these “Charge It” boots by Russell & Bromley when out and about on her own, shopping in London.

I want to thank Bella Hayward from the Pippa-Middleton.co.uk community and Rachel Ann Speed from the Get What Kate Wore community for sharing these up close and personal pics of the “Charge It” boot from Russell & Bromley, making it a lot more easier for me to confirm 100% that Kate wears these boots!

"Charge It" boots by Russell & Bromley (photo via Bella Hayward)

"Charge It" boots by Russell & Bromley (photo via Rachel Ann Speed)

Now…if only we Kate fashion fanatics could get our hands on a pair of “Charge It” boots!!!! From what I hear, Russell & Bromley are all sold out of the boot :(

Maybe if they hear from enough of us, they will re-issue it?????

Ashlin, xoxo


Hello friends,

I’ve been lacking in updates here for a while (thanks to my hectic work schedule and unusual work demands), but I’m here now and I’ve got some great posts lined up for the next few days.

To start off, I want to update you on Kate’s latest appearance, because her choice of outfit has received some mixed reviews. At a reception in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace this past week, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, impressed journalists with her emerald green full pleated shirt dress by Mulberry.

Bright Cabbage Peace & Love Jacquard Full Pleated Shirt Dress by Mulberry

Kate’s dress is an interesting colour, described by Mulberry as a “cabbage” colour and includes peace & love signs woven into the fabric. The dress is 100% silk, includes a belt, and can be yours for £1400 or $2200 USD!! (it’s currently available on the Mulberry website in UK sizes 8 and 10).

But to be honest, I don’t know why anyone would want to pay any amount for this particular dress. I’m not crazy about it at all. I mean, Kate looks gorgeous as always, but I think this particular dress is nothing special at all. Unfortunately I think the Mirror has it wrong this time, as they characterize Kate’s choice of dress here “her most trend-led yet” and “her chicest dress to date”. Not only do I disagree, but a whole lot of people from the Get What Kate Wore facebook page think the same thing. In a poll I conducted, the majority of people believe that while Kate’s green pleated shirt dress by Mulberry is not horrible, it’s nothing special and they as individuals would never wear it themselves! There were also a few people who thought the dress was absolutely horrible and a bad style pick by Kate this time around!

No idea why she picked this dress. Maybe the colour? She does look good in green. Someone mentioned the possibility that Mulberry simply gave Kate the dress, yet I’m not too sure about that. There’s been talk that Kate actually refuses to accept clothes from any designers (including free clothes!). Plus, if she accepted clothes sent to her by designers, why do we see her out shopping all the time?

Anyways, besides Kate’s dress, Kate’s feelings about the past several months since her wedding to Prince William also made it out of that press reception. According to the media, Kate told a journalist from the Jewish News the following:

“I would like to thank all your readers for all their wonderful support this year”

“It’s amazing to think that the wedding was just seven months ago. So much has happened since then”

Awaiting Kate’s next appearance…hopefully whatever she wears will make up for this one!

You tell me, was Kate’s cabbage coloured pleated shirt dress a hit or a miss?

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