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Here’s my story…..

Dear Friends, you will NOT believe what I am about to tell you….but please..it is the God honest truth and I have 2 witnesses. I was in Topshop last night (Monday Sept 26th) on Kensington High Street to return a dress I had bought the day before. It was 6:40pm…20 mins before closing…I had rushed in there because I was meeting people across the street for dinner. While standing in line to return the dress…why don’t you take a wild guess who was standing right in front of me. KATE MIDDLETON!!!!! No lies. I promise you. I had just walked into the store and went immediately to the line-up to return a dress I bought yesterday. Kate was already standing in line waiting to pay..I lined up immediately behind her….but I didn’t realize it was her until after 20 seconds standing there I said to myself “this person really has Kate Middleton hair.” And then I looked down at her boots and saw her tall black boots and said to myself “wow this person also has Kate Middleton boots.” And then I saw her skinny black pants and what looked to be like a brown/greenish Katherine Hooker jacket and said to myself “wow this person really has Kate Middleton’s style”. The hair gave it away and her tall black boots. That’s when I turned to my boyfriend and said in a half jokingly manner “how much do you wanna bet that this is Kate Middleton standing in front of me”. I was joking at this point….but then after a few seconds went by I kept thinking “this person REALLY looks like Kate Middleton”. My bf and I kept giving each other serious looks…looks that express the feeling “this can’t really be Kate Middleton, can it? There is no way”. The shock was starting to build when I realized that this could actually be Kate, as I was standing in a Topshop which was located right around the corner from where her and William reside in London (on the grounds of Kensington Palace).

After the lady in front of Kate finished cashing out, Kate proceeded to the cash to buy 3 items. I then stepped to the side to get a glimpse of her face and it was her! My bf took a look also and in stumbling to try and find the camera (which we left in our hotel room!) spilt all my change in my coat pocket all over the floor. She didn’t look over at all. It seemed like she was trying to hide behind her long thick hair (mind you her hair was immaculately done! You must see Kate’s hair in person. It is beyond perfect!) She did the same when she left. Looked at me briefly and then looked at the ground the whole way to the exit hiding behind her hair. While I don’t think she heard me say to my bf “how much you wanna bet that this is Kate Middleton standing in front of me” because I said it in a low voice to him and he was standing behind me so I had to turn the other way to say it to him…..my bf getting nervous, spilling a handful of coins on the floor and then saying “oh shit!” out loud as he proceeded to pick it up probably gave it away that we knew it was her. My bf swore in the presence of the future Queen of England! lol!

As soon as she left the counter I told the cashier…”that was Kate Middleton wasn’t it”. And he was like “yes” and got on his radio (i.e. walkie talkie) to tell the other people that worked at Topshop and who were upstairs that Kate Middleton had just cashed out. I asked him if he had seen her in there before and he said no but that she does just live around the corner (Kensington palace is literally around the corner and behind Topshop). I was so starstruck that I was shaking and I had to ask myself “am I alive?”. As soon as I saw her face….I felt like I was in a dream. You know when you think something which you know could never possibly be true…but then it is true…and you are like so shocked that you don’t feel alive?

I can tell you exactly what she was wearing and exactly what she bought. I even saw her silver visa card she used and if I hadn’t been so starstruck I would be able to tell you her pin number to her visa card as I saw her entering her pin but did not register the numbers in my brian. That is how close I was. I also saw all her rewards cards (i.e. points cards) she carries, as she had to sift through them to find her visa card. Can you believe the future Queen of England carries a huge handful of rewards cards? I love you Kate for being so normal!

I can tell you that she bought this blue blazer with black lining

I’m not completely sold on the jacket, but I am loving this polka dot pencil skirt she bought

Kate also bought a pair of earrings which I had to confirm with the cashier the next day. But Topshop doesn’t have them online! They are gold and roundish….and kind of look like a feather which curves around itself. I actually went to the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street and could not find these earrings there. I have only seen them at the Topshop on Kensington High Street (And I of course bought a handful of them!)

What I love about Kate is that she is conservative in her spending and only buys what she really really likes. When I went back to the Topshop store the next morning to inquire about the earrings Kate had bought, the same cashier who had cashed Kate out the night before was there. Not only did he show me the exact earrings Kate bought but he showed me a pair of earrings that Kate apparently was going to buy but then changed her mind at the last minute and left them with the cashier.

The Earrings Kate Middleton almost purchased but left behind with the cashier at the last minute

The Earrings Kate Middleton almost purchased but left behind with the cashier at the last minute

Julie Repitor put it perfectly on my facebook page: “Isn’t it funny that with all the jewels at her disposal she waivers on a pair of 30.00 earrings”.

Yes….with all the money she has and designers throwing their clothes at her, she decides to do a little shopping herself at Topshop and put back a pair of 8.50 pound earrings? According to the cashier, Kate was actually in the store for a bit browsing and even went into the fitting rooms to try her clothes on! When she was standing in front of me waiting to cash out, the clothes she was holding were not on hangers but simply folded over her arm and in her hands. Not only am I amazed that she still goes out on her own shopping and trying on clothes at stores that average people shop at….I am amazed that she can still do this! But that is why we love her so much, right? She’s just trying to be who she was brought up to be… A normal middle class girl.

I am also so happy that she still does in fact do this. And this is one of the reasons I didn’t want to say anything to her when I saw her standing right in front of me for like 5-7 minutes. Can you imagine if every person that recognized Kate said something to her and started talking to her? I think she might get tired of constantly being approached by EVERYONE when she goes out. I’m happy to appreciate the moment and let her feel like she is just one of us! Although I would have loved to ask her if she got the bracelet I had made for her to commemorate her first official royal tour to Canada and which I gave to William to give to her on Canada Day!

I am still trying to get back to reality here. I’ve experienced something that still seems so unreal to me. While I lined up for over 24 hours behind barricades to see Kate and William on Parliament Hill for Canada Day Celebrations on their Royal Tour, here I was standing directly behind her….no barricades….no camping out for days….so close I could see her cards in her wallet!

As I am traveling right now, I don’t have any way of uploading my pics to the laptop I am using so I cannot post you pics of the earrings Kate actually bought and the Topshop store that Kate was shopping in. But I promise I will post them as soon as I can. I will also do a youtube video with my boyfriend who was also there and experienced the moment with me so I can give you more emotion and more details that I might have forgotten….and so you can hear the love in my voice!

Thanks to you all for being so kind. I am so happy I could share this experience and excitement with you.

Ashlin, xoxo

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