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After much debate, I can finally confirm that Kate’s tall black suede boots that we all know and love are the “Charge It” boots by Russell & Bromley, not the “Cookie” boots by Aquatalia

The mystery as to who exactly designed Kate’s beautiful black suede boots with the short heel unraveled the other day when photos of Pippa wearing the same boots as Kate surfaced:

Pippa on her way to work, Dec 10 2011 (photo via

Pippa on her way to work, Dec 10 2011 (photo via

It was this last picture of Pippa from behind which set off alarm bells in my head. I had seen the exact stripe detail on Kate’s tall black boots when I was standing behind her in line at Topshop in September (click here to read the story of my encounter). I have noted several times on the Get What Kate Wore facebook page that Kate’s tall black boots had stripe detail going up the back of the boot. Because people have said that the “Cookie” boot by Aquatalia also had a stripe going up the back, I just assumed Kate’s boots were the “Cookie” boot by Aquatalia.

That was…of course…until a few days ago when I saw this photo of Pippa’s boots from behind. The stripe detail here is exactly the same on Kate’s boots. I remember telling myself after I realized I was standing right behind the great Kate Middleton to take a mental note of every detail in her outfit. So I took a mental note of this stripe detail on her boots as well as the fact that her boots had a short square heel.

Here is one of the few pics there is of Kate wearing the “Charge it” boots from Russell & Bromley. This photo was taken about 1 week after I saw her in Topshop wearing them:

Kate leaving her salon in Sept, 2011 (photo via

There is also this photo of Kate leaving a Zara store on King’s Road several weeks ago wearing what appears to be the same “Charge It” boots in black suede. Kate seems to opt for these “Charge It” boots by Russell & Bromley when out and about on her own, shopping in London.

I want to thank Bella Hayward from the community and Rachel Ann Speed from the Get What Kate Wore community for sharing these up close and personal pics of the “Charge It” boot from Russell & Bromley, making it a lot more easier for me to confirm 100% that Kate wears these boots!

"Charge It" boots by Russell & Bromley (photo via Bella Hayward)

"Charge It" boots by Russell & Bromley (photo via Rachel Ann Speed)

Now…if only we Kate fashion fanatics could get our hands on a pair of “Charge It” boots!!!! From what I hear, Russell & Bromley are all sold out of the boot :(

Maybe if they hear from enough of us, they will re-issue it?????

Ashlin, xoxo


  1. I know this post is really old, but in case anyone didn’t know, Russell and Bromley just re-issued the Charge-It boot (Now called the Charge-It2) and if you email customer service they will set up international shipping! I just ordered a pair today and I am so excited!

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